Just refreshed: 1965 Karmann Ghia Convertible


Here it is another Karmann Ghia brought back to a new life after 45 years in storage (at least the seller says so).


The seller says also that this car has done just 300 miles from the end of a restoration lasted a couple of years: these are not complicated cars to restore so we guess that two years are needed when you carry on the restoration mostly by yourself, probably with some help from a specialist maybe to rebuild the engine and some mechanical parts.


Of course, like a photo shows, this one doesn’t seem a top notch restoration as the paint job has not been performed in a proper paint shop but the overall outcome doesn’t seem so bad. It looks like the resto started from a good and solid car and that’s always a good thing. We also see that the front hoos doesn’t have perfect gaps but that couldn’t be a big deal: the point is that, at least from what we see, the price for this car looks very fair. Find it for sale at $20,000 here in Potomac, MD.

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