Sometimes they’re blue: 1950 Fiat 500C Sport by Zabora

It’s great to experience the sensation of seeing a classic car for the first time, and we don’t mean seeing it in real life but absolutely.

In this case it is a Barchetta built using components taken from different cars: chassis from a fiat 500c and 900cc v4 engine taken from a Lancia Ardea, certainly to join the road races in the category from 750 up to 1200cc. It is said that the job was made in 1953 by Zabora coachworks in Pavia, Italy.

There are two things that amaze us: first of all the uncommon color for an Italian Barchetta of the time, and then the fact that the bodywork that built the body was unknown to us: we will check our literature to see if we find anything in it. Other than that, the car has been restored through 2012-2015 and looks spectacular even because of the original black plate. Find it for sale at €120,000 (today $126,000) here in Veggiano, Italy.


One thought on “Sometimes they’re blue: 1950 Fiat 500C Sport by Zabora

  1. The original plate is related to the chassis. Not necessarily to the current body configuration. Many Topolino still exist, with the original registration, paperwork and plates. But the point is which body is written on the original document.


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