Dust and mystery: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ

Dust on a classic car always causes curiosity, you know, but if the car in question is an SZ, then it gets a lot of attention.

The seller briefly describes the history of this car: it was built in 1960 but registered only in 1965 and then abandoned in a field in 1971 (probably because it was stolen at the time). Found in the 90s it was then subjected to a complete restoration replacing the engine (the original one was no longer in the car).

In 1995 the car was re-registered with the addition of a new chassis number (so now the car has two numbers) and registered as an SVZ, in 2001 the car disappeared from the radar again to reappear only now, probably because it was stored for a long time (hence the dust). The price? On request, of course. Find it for sale here in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.


6 thoughts on “Dust and mystery: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ

  1. Am I wrong, or the front right rim is a Giulia Spider one?
    Strange such a rare car ad does not show important details: old and new* chassis numbers, indications from Centro Documentazione Storica, any kind of license number italian or not, any sort of race participation, last but not least the homologation plate, just to understand from which Giulietta family branch this car belongs to.
    *In Italy a private vehicle chassis is re-punched when original figures have been damaged or counterfeited, or the chassis frame, not the monocoque, has been substituted. Some vehicles chassis dismissed by defence or internal affairs departments had to be re-punched too, but that’s not the case of this car.
    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (VA – Italy)


  2. What is needed is a photograph of the original chassis number on the firewall to see what condition it is in and the “repunched” new number. There should be some corresponding locations where the original number is stamped to know more. This is a SZ and not a SVZ. This is a 10126 series.


  3. About the chassis re-punching in case of two or more cars with the same chassis serial number, the matter doesn’t go exactly that way: first we can presume one of the two (or more) should be the genuine one and all the others are a fraud attempt, for the simple reason that a counterfeited serial number hides a stolen car or, let’s say, a MilleMiglia participant wanna-be.
    If one tries to register a vehicle whose serial number has already been assigned to another yet registered vehicle the italian Motorization database, since 1976, detects the anomaly so the license cannot be released.
    Different is when one tries to register the above mentioned vehicle abroad: worldwide Motorization offices do not “dialogue” nor cross-check their databases, that’s why there are so many clones, but not two in the same country.
    And, believe me, cloned Zagatos around are more than one could expect.
    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (VA – Italy)


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