Brown and blue: 1963 Ghia 1500 GT


It has been a long time since we happened to find a Ghia 1500 GT for sale in similar conditions, and we assume that this could be the last time.


In fact, we do not know where this specimen comes from but we believe it was recently discovered or that the owner decided (voluntarily or not) to sell it only recently: if this car had been known before, many collectors or dealers would have yet restored it, at least since the values ​​of these cars began to rise, therefore from 2014-2015 approximately.


Well, the car needs a complete restoration and so far there is no doubt about it, the point is that you need to understand what you need. If from a mechanical point of view, in fact, the car has in common practically everything with the Fiat 1500 from which it derives, it is the interior finishes that have been made especially for this model and are almost impossible to find: we can clearly see that a good part the dashboard is there but we do not see the door panels (and the relative handles) and almost all the external trims. In any case, the car deserves careful consideration. Find it for sale at € 16,900 (today $ 19,200) here in Perugia, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Brown and blue: 1963 Ghia 1500 GT

  1. Your posts are the first thing I read every morning. A little cars with my coffee. Keep up the good work!


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