Big bumpers: 1983 BMW 633 CSI


It is nice to find rare, special or unique history cars for sale. The only problem (for 99% of enthusiasts), is that cars with these characteristics almost always have unattainable prices.


Yet there are also many cars, secularly in the so-called “youngtimer” segment, which are very interesting and have affordable prices provided – be very careful – they are in excellent condition. In fact, young timers are complex cars and, although they have little electronics, their repair can be financially painful.


This 633 CSI seems, apparently, a car that meets all the requirements: it is as beautiful as the whole E24 series, it has a nice paint and seems to be complete and little used: the interiors seem really intact and the general appearance seems very clean : the tool kit is almost complete and, if you are a BMW lover of the 70s and 80s, you know how difficult this is. Find it for sale at $9,000 here near Houston, TX.


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