Halfway restoration: 1961 Abarth 1600 Spider by Allemano


The seller of this very special car is a long-time user of alfabb.com, on which there is a long thread dedicated to this car designed by Michelotti.


It is an Abarth 1600 Spider built by Allemano, one of the few built at that time and one of the very few survivors, even if it is not yet in a condition to be driven; in fact, it still needs a long restoration work, although the work is already half-finished.


In fact, many parts have already been restored and many others, which were once missing, have been found: unfortunately on these special Italian cars the missing parts are a real problem because they belong to cars produced in very small series, and therefore no one reproduces them, because it would not be economically profitable as the numbers would be too small. In any case, we believe that the seller is available to clarify any doubts regarding the car. Find it for sale here in Miskolc, Hungary, with a starting bid of €67,500 (today $76,500).


4 thoughts on “Halfway restoration: 1961 Abarth 1600 Spider by Allemano

  1. The car is still in the process of restoration. I am searching for an air filter box from a 1963 Fiat 1600s. This is square type filter box for the twin carburator configuration. If anyone can help, let me know. Thank you very much! Kind regards, Vincent. vincentxlnl@hotmail.com


  2. Dear all,
    I have a Fiat Abarth 1600 Allemano, we want do a restauration.
    Who can help us ?
    Looking for parts or a car to make some pictures.
    Thank you !!!!!!!!


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