Blue racer: 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Screen Shot 04-06-17 at 09.17 PM

This late Giulietta Sprint 750B is said to have been delivered new in England even though it is a LHD car. Now it’s in France so the blue shade is perfect for the country.

Screen Shot 04-06-17 at 09.18 PM

The seller says that this car (also this belongs to the “interim” series so it still as many features of th 750 series and other of the later 101 series) is ideal for rallyes as the engine is not the original unit but a 2000 c.c. mated to a five speed gearbox: not original but very fast for sure.

Screen Shot 04-06-17 at 09.18 PM 001

The overal conditions of the car seem fair: the pain doesn’t look bad, interiors have a wrong upholstery but they don’t look bad as well; the steering wheel is not original but it’s nice and period correct while, on the other side, the instruments cluster is correct. Chrome is nice too: overall this seems a nice car to have fun with, without spending a fortune. Find it for sale at €39,950 (today $42,500) here in Augé, France.

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