Coachbuilt rarity: Fiat 1200 Coupé by Pininfarina


We’ve already published this car in our previous article about Classic Virus List, but we believe that this car went a little bit unnoticed, and that would be a waste.This is a car in need of a total restoration and unfortunately there is only one photo posted by the seller, but we believe that this is a complete car.


The point is that, before seeing this one published, we didn’t even know about the existence of this car: the seller says that two only have been made but the problem is that, on these coachbuilt Fiats, there are few sources and you’ll never be so sure. The only sure thing is that we don’t believe you’ll see another one in the next future, and that’s why we’ve published it even if there is no asking price. Find it for sale here in Foggia, Italy.

12 thoughts on “Coachbuilt rarity: Fiat 1200 Coupé by Pininfarina

  1. I just bought one that has been living here in Sweden it´s whole life. The seller claimed there were 19 made. I really don´t know anything about it yet, so any info would be appreciated. cid:E6B0DF05-E492-4DF5-A00C-B4CC8E01FFA6


  2. Hey Dag, actually these cars are extremely rare and there is basically no documentation about those, with the exception of some photos. You can try to contact some italian Fiat club or Pininfarina to know more.


  3. Wow I have one of these! 1959 Fiat 1200 Pininfarina 4 posti! My father bought it on Long Island NY brand new and he said there were only 20 made. It is white with black leather interior. He passed it on to me and I have always been searching for information about the car. I found a few photos online and also one that sold at auction in the UK about 10 years ago. I contacted both Fiat as well as Pininfarina design studio and never heard back. The car is in need of restoration and outside of the 1200 chasis I cannot locate any parts for the car. Hopefully we can connect and share information about the car!


  4. Hello Dean, wow yours should probably be the only 1200 Pininfarina Coupé in the US, and it does not surprise me that it is so difficult to find information because, although there are no official data, very few have been built.
    Certainly Fiat Heritage can not provide you with any information other than a certificate of origin, try to write again to Pininfarina including also some photos of your car; they are the only ones that can give you additional information (as long as they are still in possession of it).
    Anyway, your car shares a lot of parts with mass produced Fiat, so at least for the parts you should not have problems.


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