Wankel attempt: 1971 Citroen M35 by Heuliez


This rare find is a Citroen M35 (chassis #449), one of the very few survived during the last 40 years. It was based on the chassis of the Ami8 but it is different in many ways.


First of all the body, which has a lower roof, a fastback tail and two doors only, the body as built by Heuliez coachworks which shaped also a different nose and interior tailored for this specific model. Although the chassis numbers are up to 1000, only 267 were built and this s the first one we see for sale in years.


Then the engine: for the first time for Citroen a 500 c.c. Wankel engine was adopted: it had an high displacement/power ration but unfortunately the unit had several problems, among which an high oil consumption ad a low reliability as many didn’t last over 60k kilometers. These things, mated to an high price, sanctioned the end of this car. This paricular specimen looks a great candidate to restore: complete, apparently almost rustless, truly a must for any euro cars collector. Find it for sale at €29,990 (today $32,000) here in Chagny , France.

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