Correct wheels: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce


Yep, another one. This (chassis 1495*11643) is painted in silver although it was clearly born in white; we wouldn’t be too repetitive but the Spider Veloce is the most wanted open classic car of the last year, among cars which have still an “human” price.


The seller has posted a lot of photos which show some details featured only on Veloce models like the front air intake behind the left bumper, the round voltage regulator and, as he says the wheel which are correct for a Veloce: here we have something to say about it. Simply, it is said that the Veloce had the Fergat while the Normale had the Borrani: this is a myth! No one has proof of that and basically, back then, Luigi-on-the-line simply put whatever he was provided of, who thinks the contrary simply has not idea of how “creative” could be the Alfa Production in those years.


Apart from that, the major issue with this car is the lack of the original engine: you’ll need time and money to find a correct one for this car which, however, seems quite complete as many of the trims are there even though they’re disassembled. Find it fr sale here in New Milford, CT, with bidding at $33,000 and reserve not reserve price.

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