Blue patina: 1960 Peugeot 403 Cabriolet by Pininfarina


We really believe that no other blog ever has seen so many Peugeot 403 published like this. However, we really thing that this car is beautiful and it’s always worth some rows, at least to remember that another car like this was co-starring in the Lieutenant Columbo tv series.


The 403 Cabriolet, which body has been sketched in some office of Pininfarina coachworks fifty years ago (but was built, at least in the first 10 cars, by the french coachbuilder Portout), was produced in 2,050 specimens from 1956 to 1961: very few made and even less of those still surviving, among which there is this blue one.


This color of this car is, maybe, the one that fits better the lines of this elegant cabriolet: the seller says tat the car has some patina but that isn’t the first paint; it has been repainted  many years ago and that it’s a very solid car. Unfortunately it hasn’t a pale interior but a black one; on the other side the soft top, which probably needs to be replaced, makes a nice contrast with the blue paint. Last but not least, the car is equipped with a nice set of Robergel wire wheels. Find it for sale at €66,900 (today $74,500) here in Chagny, France.

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