Not really a roller: 1967 Glas 1700 GT


This Glas 1700 GT is one of the few built in 1967 before BMW took over: since that moment these cars were produced with the BMW badge.


So, few of these cars are still around; we have published a couple during the past years and it’s always nice to spot another one for sale: first because, as just said, they’re rare, second simply because we like them: the styling is not german but by the italian Frua coachworks. This is an interesting car not only for the style but also from the technical point of view: this should be the first car ever to adopt the distribution belt instead of the chain.


By the way, the seller says that this is a roller but, at the same time, that he has also the engine taken apart which is not included in the sale price: of course if you’re evaluating to buy this car you must buy also the engine not only because it should be the original unit, but also because finding another one might be a nightmare. Some parts like the windshield and some trims are missing but we see that there are a couple of spare doors which is not a bad thing. Find it for sale at $2,950 o.b.o. here in Snoqualmie Valley, WA.


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