Free delivery: 1957 Peugeot 403 Familiale


What’s really odd here is not the car itself, of course, but how come this 403 Familiale (french for Station Wagon) is in Michigan. Indeed you don’t find this car behind every corner even in its native country, so it’s strange that someone could, in the land of the Station Wagons, buy a french one which, by the way, has also a beautiful color combo. These cars were built using the 403 sedan chassis, but 23 cms longer: this car is capable of carrying up to seven people together.

ScreenShot_20160430105626The seller says that the floors are gone and that it is a perfect rat rod project: we don’t agree at all with him: these are “simple” cars which can be easily restored: ok that doesn’t mean that they’re also cheap to fix but a car like this deserves to be brought back to the past glory: we don’t know with the engine is in the car but we can spot the interiors inside so there is still a fair basis to start with. Find it for sale at $1,200 here in Detroit, MI (with a free delivery within 50 miles).


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