Alpha dog: 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Incredibly, even with all the knowledge available on the net, there is still people who don’t know how to write “Alfa Romeo” correctly.


But the point, here, is not about the seller’s knowledge, of course, but about the car itself which is an early Giulietta Spider 750 (chassis #1495.01350) in need of a total restoration but with an healty aspect: the car should be also quite complete as many parts are spread around in many boxes. The front grill is missing though.


We can’t understand if this car was originally painted in red and then repainted in grey: in this case it’s strange that also the dashboard was painted in grey. However, a quick enquiry to Archivio Alfa Romeo should solve the mistery. Find it for sale here in Huntingdon Valley, PA, with bidding at $6,000 and reserve not met. The seller though says that the auction could end sooner for any reasonable offer.

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