Giulia inside: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce


This late Giulietta 750F has had some transplant which involved its engine and not only: for sure this should be quite quicker than when it was born.

Indeed the seller says that it is a 750F: we believe him but at the same time we have spotted the mother of all issues: the engine clearly is not original: probably it is a Giulia engine swapped in place of the original unit.

The instruments too come from a Giulia: of course they are more readable than the stock one but we all know that a car like this must have its original equipment. Of course this is a car prepared for historic races: it has two beautiful, period correct sport seats and other race equipments: no bumpers and we don’t know anything about the soft top. Probably that a bit expensive, considering that you won’t find a spare Veloce engine for less than 10-15K but, at least, you can also drive this spider as is. Find it for sale at €59,000 (today $66,000) here in Bègles, France.

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