Hen’s tooth: 1952 Simca 9 Sport by Facel


The aluminium family of the Simca made during the early fifties is quite scarce but, among all those, the Simca 9 is the rarest as it was build just for little more than one year, from 1952 to 1953.


Like its sisters, this Simca had an aluminium body sketched by Pininfarina but the car was built by Facel Metallon which was notorious for their attention to details and build quality. These cars were pushed by a derivation of a 1100 c.c. Fiat unit along with many other mechanical components: although not quick, these cars were very reliable.



Above there is a photo to show how these cars look when they’re in pristine conditions: we believe that they are really little jewels, basically more pleasant to look at than to drive them. This particular car needs of course a total restoration but it is said to be a complete car: the seller says that all the parts not shown in the photos are not missing but they will come along the car. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today $16,200) here near Rennes, France.

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