Mobile loft: 1963 Hanomag Kurier 2


This is not the usual four wheels machine published here, but the classic car world is made also of many people who love these vans, so here it is.


It’s called Kurier 2 and was built by Hanomag (Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG) who also produced steam locomotives, tractors and military vehicles, so they knew well how to build an heavy duty machine. This van was produced in several versions in order to be used for  different tasks: haulers, flatbeds and enclosed commercial vans like this one.


Which, indeed, needs a lot of metal work as the country which it comes from, Finland, has not the best climate on the earth, however the seller says that its Perkins 2.9 litre engine turns well and that there are also some video available upon request. The good is that if your crazy enough to fix it up, this van could become a true loft on wheels, as the rear compartment is really spacious. Find it for sale at €1,980 (today $2,200) here in the region of Uusimaa, Finland. Thanks to reader David for this tip!

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