Red and light: 1954 Fiat 1100 TV by Ghia


This is not the only special 1100 TV made by Ghia, but for sure it’s so rare that much time will pass before you’ll see another one for sale.


Then, other than being extremely rare, this particular car looks exceptionally maintained and basically as correct as when it leaved Ghia coachworks: ok it is missing the original front bumper but every other detail looks to be in its place, including the ultra rare trim and badges on the internal side of the doors.


Last but not least, this car is hand-made in aluminium and so it belongs to that little circle of little specials which have done a big slice of italian automotive industry. The base of this car is the ultra-solid and reliable Fiat 1100 TV, a car which, if properly maintained, is renown to leave its owner pretty carefree. The asking price of this car s not cheap but we believe that, given the rarity and the conditions, it’s neither so expensive. Find it for sale at £55,000 (today $85,000) here in Lisbon, Portugal.

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