Attitude for elegance: 1951 Simca Sport 8 by Facel


Yes, this aluminium-bodied coupé was built in France by Facel Metallon but the design was made by Pininfarina, who also built Fiat’s and Ferrari’s with a very similar body.


And, as the seller too says, back then this car was more expensive than a Porsche 356 (try to buy a ’51 356 now) and just for this reason these are rare cars. Of course it’s not a fast car but that’s not the point when you decide to fill your garage with a car like this.


This particular car is said to be accident-free and basically rustless; the interior has still the original leather (which, by the way, needs probably some attentions) and looks very original and correct. Also the color of this car is beautiful and very representative of the country it comes from. Find it for sale at €34,900 (today $40,300) here in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.

2 thoughts on “Attitude for elegance: 1951 Simca Sport 8 by Facel

  1. Good evening, I’m interested in the car? Simca 8 Sport, I am in Italy, as we can evaluate to see it? such room for negotiation? I wanted information if it is possible to speak in Italian?


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