Here is the next: 1952 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Berlina by Pininfarina


As we supposed, here it is another old Alfa by the same seller who’s selling the 6C 2300 published earlier this week.


That’s a 1952 5C 2500 bodied by pininfarina: this is a less seductive Alfa as it has four doors but it’s however a rare piece as it’s a special bodied car made on the 6C 2500 chassis and engine. It is said to have been delivered new to the Prince of Thailand and there are papers which proof that.


Like the other cars of the same seller, this one looks like it has benefitted of a partial restoration at least for the body, but on the other side many parts seem to be missing. The engine and gearbox are with the car but this car is said to be born with SS specs so it was equipped with a three carbs setup. The actual engine is a standard, although period correct, six cylinders engine. Interiors are missing so a a big Good Luck is due to the new owner. Find it for sale here in Surrey, UK, with few bids so far and no reserve price.

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