Missing engine: 1962 Lancia Appia Coupé by Pininfarina


Actually we don’t know if this car is from 1962: for sure its birth year, if not 62, is very close as these cars were made from 57 to 63 but they had the “big” taillights only from 1959, when they began to be built by Viotti.


Moreover, we believe to have spotted the number three at the beginning of the plate and this, along with the “RC” province, means 1962. Whatever the year is, this is a rare Coupé which, in our opinion, is much prettier than the other coupé built during the same period by Vignale: he built also a cabriolet version but that is another story.


The seller says that the body of this car has been restored but in the meantime the car misses the engine: not a problem at all as Appia engines ( a 1100 c.c. V4 unit) are quite easy to find; of course nothing is said about the gearbox. It’s difficult to see the interior as the picture is dark, so we don’t have any idea of what does it need to be perfect. The two tone paint scheme is very elegant and probably the investment to bring this car back on the road could be affordable by a lot of Lancia enthusiasts. Find it for sale at €13,000 (today $16,500) here in Reggio di Calabria, Italy.

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