Rough but rare: 1957 Moretti 750 Tour Du Monde


The car posted here is a rare bird, unfortunately, like many CL ads, there is one only photo to discuss about: the one above.


At least we can publish a photo (of a coupé) where you can have an idea of what this car could be once restored. It’s a very pretty little car with a 750cc, inline-four, single overhead cam: that was a very refined engine architecture for the time: indeed few of these cars were made as they were expensive for their segment. Two models of these cars were available: the coupé and the cabriolet. The seller says that the engine starts and this is a very good news as finding the parts for these engines is a nightmare. He says also that the car needs a total restoration but that’s clear even watching this single photo. For once we can’t provide the asking price as the seller didn’t disclose it, however he says that he’s open to evaluate reasonable offers. Find it for sale here in San Francisco, CA.

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