Late registered: 1966 Ginetta G11


This car was curiously first registered in 1973 although its only production year was the 1966; as the seller says, only 12 G11’s were produced.

ScreenShot014This cutie has an odd color for being a british roadster: it looks like the same gunmetal grey used on E-Type Jags ‘til 1965: it’s a stunning color especially when mated to a red/tan interior. The seller says also the the last of the only two owners, has made a total restoration involving many improvements which have been put on a list available to the next owner.


The engine is a 1800 cc., inline four MG unit fed by a couple of big Skinner’s Union carburetors: enough to have fun with this light car. Interior and exterior both looks nice: the engine bay shows an aluminium radiator, bigger than stock, which tells us that every modification on this car is performance-oriented. Find it for sale at €31,800 (today $40,500) here in Limoges, France.

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