Restauración difícil: 1968 Maserati Mexico


Yes, this is an hard restoration as the spanish title says: this 1968 Mexico has been completely dismantled and so it’s the typical job for the braves.


It often happens that a bad driver is dismantled to be restored and after few months it simply lays in a garage for years, waiting for someone who brings home the roller chassis, the engine and a bunch of spares often scattered around in many boxes: this car looks like it had such fate.


The seller says that this car is 95% complete: the lack of the gearbox is for sure an expensive 5%. Of course it is not so difficult to find the correct gearbox; it is basically a matter of money. No photos of the interiors have been provided and that’s not good because, as usual for classic italian cars, finding the correct items for the interiors could give to the restorer many headaches. Find it for sale at €20,000 (today $26,400) here in Ciampino, Italy.

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