Southern relic: 1962 Cisitalia DF 85 by Fissore


These Cisitalia’s are very rare as they were built when Dusio, founder and owner of the firm, moved to Argentina and there he decided to carry on with his business with the help of his son Carlo. So, most of these cars remained in South America and never saw Europe or U.S.A.


Of course these cars cannot boast the legendary allure of the cars built in Torino, but thy’re still a great piece of italian motoring culture. We’re not sure if they were based on the Fiat 1200/1500 chassis but for sure their engine is the Fiat twin cam, inline four unit.


The body was not crafted by an unknown artisan but by Fissore coachworks, one of the biggest name in the business back then. The car seems in very good shape and shows a beautiful set of Borrani wire wheels. Also the interiors looks very good, even if without carpets. The asking price is not a joke, so if you’re interested in this car it’s better to book a flight to Argentina. Find it for sale at €64,991 (today $88,400) somewhere in Argentina.


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