Just another hat trick: 1959 Lancia Flaminia Sport by Zagato

“Where does he get all those wonderful toys?” (Joker/Jack Nicholson, Batman, 1989)


Here another mr. Rapley’s find; this time is a big toy from 1959 made by Zagato (chassis #824.00-1181): basically, just after the B24S series, this is the most valuable classic Lancia road model on the market today.


This is a super dry survivor which has passed through the last 55 years in  a wonderful shape. Of course the paint (the original shade was Silver as the seller says) is now dull and there are some dings everywhere but basically this is a marvellous survior, very rare to find as is. 


And, indeed, if this car were in our hands, we should think a lot about restoring the whole body and interiors. I know that we are patina victims (the real patina which is not a bare layer of dust) but this car should not be restored in our opinion. If restored, this car would become simply a Sport Zagato among other (albeit rare) Sport Zagato. Of course we would rebuild engine, gearbox, brakes, suspensions and the whole fuel system but nothing more than that. Find it for sale here in Bethel, CT, with a b.i.n. price of $195,000.

3 thoughts on “Just another hat trick: 1959 Lancia Flaminia Sport by Zagato

  1. I’m not so sure that is the original color, there seems to be overspray on the door card and the leaf spring. Plus I noticed in the ad it says the original color was silver gray.


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