Rising gold: 1966 Fiat 1500 “Sportinia” by Scioneri


Scioneri was a coachbuilder who mostly focused his production on little Fiat’s, mostly road cars. Although he had a little shop, he often worked with great designers like Michelotti, who designed this car. It’s clear that these cars were built for family men who wanted a Coupé to use it as commuter and carry their family around as well. So, this particular car called “Sportinia” is not characterized by “extreme” lines but by an balanced and practical design. Not many of these were built back then (competition was really strong then among this car class) and very few of them still survive.


This car has been restored both inside and outside, however we find that the engine bay has been a little neglected and needed to be detailed better. Interiors are very elegant and particularly we love the gauges design: we guess that finding a spare one could be nearly impossible. The rest of the car is however based on the Fiat 1500 so the mechanical parts should be quite easy to be found. Of course this is a very particular car which needs to find an italian coachbuilt Fiat fan who is willing to pay the asking price which is not low at all. Find it for sale at €XXXXX(today $XXXXX) here in Roma, Italy.



7 thoughts on “Rising gold: 1966 Fiat 1500 “Sportinia” by Scioneri

  1. I remember seeing an ad for this car last year (2013) asking a lot less money. Like the Fiat Desiree you had posted last year. That one is even more crazy now with an asking price of EUR 100’000 which is 4 times the original asking price.


  2. Dan, of course when people see such rise in classic car market price, of course they think “Why not me”? And, obviously, many go too far, like the actual seller of the Desirée which, although it is a very nice and rare car, in the actual classic car market is a car not worthy more than €50k, imho.


  3. Hello guys,

    this beautifull Fiat Scioneri, is now mine, and it`s now living in Belgium !
    We put around 7.000 euro in it, to restore the engine bay, the underside of the car and the trunck compartment.
    The car has won a first price on the ´´Antwerp Classic Salon 2016“ concours d´Elégance !!!


    Italian Classics


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