Old but gold: 1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior by Zagato


Update, January 12: the car has been posted here with a price lowered to €13,000 (today $18,000)

This GT Junior Zagato is something among a driver and a project. it’s a driver for sure as the car, as the seller says, has an overhauled mechanicals; on the other side the car needs some work to be brought back to its past glory. The car is equipped with a nice set of period Melber mag wheels.


The seller says also that the car has been poorly repainted some years ago so it needs a brand new paint job: the shade could be a metallic gold (code AR 380) but the photos are of a poor quality so it’s difficult to have certainities on this point.


The interiors are quite surely original: indeed the door panel are still covered with clear plastic, so it’s easy to see the color difference between them and the seats cloth. It’s a car which doesn’t meet the taste of everyone, but it’s however a nice piece of italian design. Find it for sale at €15,000 (today 20,500) here in Sala Consilina, Italy.

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