Hawaiian green: 1958 Fiat 600


This 2nd series Fiat 600 still retains the suicide doors but, differently from european cars, has big headlights: it should be an official import car as italian cars had smaller headlights than those. The seller says that he used it to run smo SCCA events just for fun after being restored in Seattle.


The interior has been set up like a vintage racer should be: it has a sport driver seat and a proper roll-bar. What we really like is the tachometer: it’s an ultra rare italian aftermarket tachometer from the ’50’s: it’s hard to find and very valuable; it was sold to fit Fiat 600 dashboard, along with many coachbuilt little cars of that era.


The saller says not much about the engine, apart from that the cooling system needs to be flushed as the car sat in a garage for few years. Find this little racer for sale here in Hilo, HI, with starting price at $4,000 and no bids so far.

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