The not-Alfa: 1950 Jaguar MK-VII by Pininfarina


Hard to believe but this is actually not an Alfa: the body by Pininfarina came from a Alfa Romeo 2500 Berlina but the seller says that, as the photos show, this body fits perfectly on the Jaguar frame.


The seller says indeed that during 1949 & 1950 Jaguar experimented with a number of body designs for the new Mk VII, one of which is believed to stem from Pininfarina (he says also to check Andrew Whyte’s book “Jaguar: The History of a Great British Car” at page 126).


For sure we can’t deny that this aluminium body fits well on such chassis, but we find strange that if this was a factory experiment they didn’t neither tryed to remove the front Alfa grilles. What’s the truth? Find it for sale at €19,500 (today USD 26,000) here in Kensington, New Zealand.

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