Fiberglass fins: 1963 René Bonnet Le Mans Grand Luxe


The René Bonnet Le Mans was designed to meet the requirement of U.S. market, although the selling price, back then, was high for a fiberglass car. Differently from the previous model, this one had a 1108 c.c. Renault engine, with a light tuning made by Gordini and fed by a downdraft Weber 32 MDIX d.t. carburetor.


The good about the fiberglass cars is obviously the lack of rust on the body, that’s not the same for the undercarriage which should be carefully inspected although the seller says that there is no corrosion at all. The front lights are the same Marchal installed on period Facel Vega cars which somehow remind the MB 300SL look.


The seller says that this car has the original engine and gearbox, original upholstery and its hardtop, front disc brakes and that the car needs anything. Must say that we never saw this car before, we like it, but we have not idea if the asking price is fair or not. Find it for sale at €32,500 (today $42,000) here in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

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