Two colors cat: 1966 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 FHC

ScreenShot002The late 1st series XKE FHC (Fixed Head Coupé) is the most desirable version of the E-Type breed. It features the splendid lines of 1961 but with a bigger 4200 c.c. engine, a proper gearbox (instead of the hopless 3.8 gearbox), alternator and some other little improvements which makes this car a great sports tourer.


This particular car is almost a survivor, even if a lot of things to be fixed and some other, like the air filter assembly, are missing. Interiors are much used but not abused. The presence of the original tool kit and the black plate, gives to this car something that somehow balances the overall tired look.


As it’s clearly visible from the engine bay, once this car was painted in Opalescent Silver Blue: it wouldn’t be so difficult to repaint it in such color without spending much money. The seller says that there’s minor rust on the footwell (as usual); but again, such metal parts are easy to replace. Find it for sale here in Sunol, CA, with reserve not met and a b.i.n. at $30,995.

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